Accessibility Statement for Patients:

Sonotec Imaging is dedicated to ensuring accessibility for all patients, including those with disabilities. We strive to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where every individual can access our medical services with ease and dignity.

Our commitment to accessibility includes:

Physical Accessibility:

We have designed our facilities to be accessible to individuals with mobility challenges. This includes wheelchair ramps, accessible parking spaces, and barrier-free entrances.

Communication Accessibility:

We are committed to providing effective communication for patients with disabilities. This may include sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices, and alternative formats for written materials upon request.

Accommodation of Special Needs:

We recognize that patients may have unique needs or requirements due to disabilities. Our staff is trained to accommodate these needs and provide personalized assistance as needed.

Website Accessibility:

We are continually working to ensure that our website is accessible to individuals with disabilities. We strive to comply with relevant accessibility standards and guidelines to make our online information and services accessible to all users.

Feedback and Improvement:

We welcome feedback from patients regarding accessibility issues or suggestions for improvement. Patients are encouraged to contact our patient services department with any concerns or recommendations.

Sonotec Imaging is committed to promoting accessibility and ensuring that all patients have equal access to our medical services. We are dedicated to ongoing efforts to improve accessibility and remove barriers to healthcare for individuals with disabilities.

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